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DESCRIPTION: This is a list of movie recommendations of movies similar to Aliens In The Attic. Bear in mind that this list is in no particular order. After a lab accident gives him extraordinary powers, including the ability to speak, a canine Jason Lee declares himself the protector of Capitol City and, especially, of a fetching spaniel named Polly Purebred Brad Garrett.

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3 Nov Like Wii! "They came from upstairs." Just a piss poor attempt at a family sci-fi film. Aliens in the Attic is beyond childish, it is to the point where kids will be making fun of how stupid it is. The whole movie is a bunch of talentless child to teenage actors running around fighting small, poorly imagined aliens. If you are looking for movies like Aliens In The Attic these could be interesting candidates. The closer two names are, the greater the probability the two movies are similar. Aliens In The Attic Lemony Snikket Bridge To Terabithia Zathura The Hole The Cat In The Hat The Addams Family Values Central Intelligence A Roman. Animation · A group of kids must protect their vacation home from invading aliens. Ashley Tisdale and Robert Hoffman in Aliens in the Attic () Ashley Tisdale in Aliens in the Attic () Ashley Boettcher in Aliens in the Attic () Carter Jenkins and . Tom Pearson: I don't want to be like *you*, I want to be cool!.

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Put one's signature on in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Aliens in the Attic A Beagle must permission his newly-bestowed superpowers to defend Capitol City from daft scientist Simon Barsinister. A specially trained squad of guinea pigs is dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire from taking over the world.

Movies Like Aliens In The Attic
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Note: This page shows comparable movies in terms of audience appeal, genre, tone, timeframe and/or release pattern. It indicates how this movie is doing in its own playing field, to aid in forecasting and to provide suggestions for movie viewing. * Release Gross does not include additional releases, if any. ^ Date is the day. 11 Jun There's a ton of alien movies available to watch. Some are scary, some are werid and confusing, and some are hilarious. This list is of aliens for kids. Aliens in the Attic is about a family who is spending time at an old lakehouse in Creek Landing , Michigan. Like most kids, the Pearson's are curious. They find. If you are looking for movies like Aliens In The Attic these could be interesting candidates. The closer two names are, the greater the probability the two movies are similar. Aliens In The Attic Lemony Snikket Bridge To Terabithia Zathura The Hole The Cat In The Hat The Addams Family Values Central Intelligence A Roman.

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