Youtube Oh Holy Night Mariah Carey

Holy Youtube Carey Oh Night Mariah
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Japanese Lesbians (For the fiddle lovers)

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Luci London: Being shy and grumpy I am totally fucked, even being tall and quite handsome. How nice :)

Alessio Marin: Damn, that Nigerian girl tho

Lana E D: Complex, is the word I am looking for.

Joshua Fisher: They seem like a big pain in the ass. no wonder that most of the males in shoujo manga are assertive and dominant ,they don't get to much of that in real life.

Kellen Argos: Omg this was too accurate rsrsrs. Doing a Guyanese or Trini woman would be great :D! Keep up the awesome work guys.

Sheila Hunter: You know you're dating a German woman when she looks like Diane Kruger!

Allison W: Calling a woman by the wrong name is not good in any language.

CarolineJade: I can confirm, Hungarian girls are very beautiful.

Teg The Egg: So many complain about women in the U.S. saying they're Fine. or I'm okay. When it's clear they aren't, but they see an example of woman who is actually clear about what she feels and are complaining about that too?

SickLid: European ideas of beauty are.

Zoe Mattler: This is so accurate I can't

Eva Mapianda: I think someone who gets invited on the first date shouldn't pay. After that they should spilt the bill or one should pay for the food and the other person should pay for the tip.

Wil Edge: Why English? Portuguese is such a nice language

Najma Mohamed: Swiss accent :)

Diggle Roader: Do most Canadians have that distinct way of saying about, house, out, etc? Like, is it common?

Gerbille 47: Lol, this is one kind, id say theres two types. This is the Chav kinda, whereas theres the other type , the proper woman who likes to spend as much money as possible, is highly educated but lacks all common sense, a tad snobbish and goes interrailing every year because shes adventurous. Then normal people kinda fall inbetween those types id say. Theyre the common in my area

Youtube Oh Holy Night Mariah Carey
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Youtube Oh Holy Night Mariah Carey

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